The Greatest Story Ever Told Is About Jesus Christ


You can choose to believe Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary on Christmas day or you can spend the rest of your life trying to disprove it. I choose to believe, because, frankly there’s just too much evidence of His miracles to deny His birth.

The story of the birth and life of Jesus Christ is unmatched by any other human’s life story; it’s also the greatest story ever told. God wants us to know that the story about His son Jesus Christ is not a fairy tale. “Reading about His life will change yours forever.”

Jesus was born in the year 4 B.C., in the city of David, Bethlehem. He was born of the virgin Mary, put inside her by the Holy Spirit. When Baby Jesus was born Angels announced His coming to all the world. Excluding Gods creation of heaven and earth; there has never been anything as magnificent as the birth of Jesus Christ, and there never will.

On this day, many moons ago, on what we call Christmas day, even shepherds  gave honor when this King was born. The event was so magnificent wise men were summoned from afar by the shining of a glorious star. Christmas day deserves praise and recognition  from all those who claim to love the Lord.

Fast forwarding: Baby Jesus was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, instead, He was raised in the small rural town of Nazareth. His father Joseph was a carpenter who taught him how to use the tools of his trade. Carpentry requires manual labor as well as special skills. “Jesus was a hard worker.” What about you? Is this the life you envision when you consider being more like Christ?

On this Christmas Eve, I want to begin my Christmas celebration by acknowledging and believing with all my heart, my Savior was truly born on Christmas day.

Next I want to thank Him for saving me and blessing me with my cell phone ministry.

I started my cell phone ministry on February 9, 2014, about a month after my sister Phyllis passed away in California. On that day, I identified about 18 people I thought I could ask if I could send daily inspirational text messages too, and not get cussed out. Yes I got permission first and still do.

Today that list has grown to  (71) people. Yes I send 71 people an inspirational text message almost every day. I have missed a few days, but not many.

I have 6 groups of 6-10, 4 groups of 2 and the rest didn’t want to be in a group, they get a personal daily inspirational text message. God is so good!

Thank all of you who told somebody who told somebody else, about this ministry and for praying for those who requested prayer from time to time.

I even have a couple of anonymous brothers or sisters too, they just texted me their cell number and asked to be added to our ministry, I still don’t know their names, but God does.

I’m so overjoyed today, hope you’re feeling it too. My goal is to add 29 more people to our list, reaching 100,  by the end of January, with your help of course. What a wonderful Christmas it’s been for me!

Merry Christmas everybody, have a wonderful day and I hope you’ll find a way to be a blessing to Jesus Christ first, by blessing another in word, thought or deed on this wonderful Christmas day.

Thank You Lord for keeping me, blessing me and protecting me, so I can honor the most celebrated birthday in the wide world. Merry Christmas to all of you.  Amen

Minister Neecy

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Therefore, anyone who rejects this instruction does not reject a human being but God, the very God who gives you his Holy Spirit.

1 Thessalonians 4:8

No matter how emotionally intact you are rejection has the power to shatter your life, if you are not grounded in the Lord. Rejection can occur in many ways. You can experience it in your professional life, personal life and even in your spiritual life. You might wonder how anyone could be rejected in the spiritual realm. The simplest way to explain that is; “reject God and He rejects you.”

In the modern-world, like in times past, consequences for rejecting God are grave, yet today they are often coined as bad luck. True believers know there is no such thing as bad luck. They also know actions, thoughts and intentions dictate final outcomes. Though most would rather not admit their guilt or error when life takes a turn for the worst, in the back of their mind, they have too. The conscience is a powerful condemning tool used to spiritually spank God’s disobedient children. Every adult at some point in life receives spiritual spankings. “Rejection is God’s way of getting our attention, He knows nobody wants to be ignored.”

Taking responsibility for one’s actions, decisions and thoughts is the first step to changing outcomes. Now doing this doesn’t mean there won’t be times of trouble or tribulation; instead it means when these times come, you will have the comfort of the Lord, as well as His wisdom, guidance and protection. In other words, He will get you through whatever it is, no matter how bad it seems.

Most of us have been there done that and might even be on our way back. The difference is, this time we know Who to turn too, Who to run to and Who to give it all too! This is how you avoid the only rejection that really counts, you accept the Lord as Savior in your life.  If you think rejection feels bad coming from people, you don’t even want to think about how you feel when God rejects you!

3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. 4 For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love 5 he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will– 6 to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves.  Ephesians 1:3-6 NIV

Minister Neecy


It’s Me O’ Lord

If somebody rubbed you the wrong way yesterday, or at anytime when you couldn’t let go of it, especially that certain family member, let it go today.

Remember, it should never be about you, them or me. If you believe, then this whole life must be about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And if you find yourself still irritated, about whatever it is you’re irritated about, then most likely you are the broken one. Tell God now, it’s you standing in the need of prayer; not your mother, your brother, sister, friend or co-worker. You should know, spiritually damaged people can’t fix broken souls, because they need healing themselves.

As difficult as it seems, and no matter how upset other people make you, “sometimes you just have to accept that there is still good in everyone.” You even have to prepare to dig real deep to find it. Whatever you do, don’t expect to find more than you own yourself, then you won’t be disappointed should their measure prove to be minuscule.

The important thing to remember is "God commands us to love one another as we love ourselves." What a wonderful world it would be if more people did just that. How beautiful would it be if people knew and understood that Love is an action word, and it's more valuable than gold. That said; who of you can argue that love is so precious it's worth having to dig down really deep sometimes to get it out. You need love in your heart to see the good in others.

Lord give me a clean heart so I can love unconditionally. Help me love those who prove difficult to love.

Let go and let God today. Whatever you do, never bring yesterday’s problems into today. “Today already has its own.” People will be with you, until the end of time, good ones, bad ones and sick ones. Neither will be perfect, nor are you. You can’t die for them, they can’t die for you and nobody can change someone who doesn’t want change. God’s on the mainline for that. During times like these, fall down on your knees, say to the Father;

“It’s me O’Lord, standing in the need of prayer, will you help me accept that there are things I’ll never understand nor figure out.” And Lord will you show me how to take the speck out of my- own- eye, before attempting to remove one from another person’s eye…. hallelujah!

Lord give me courage, wisdom, patience and peace, everywhere troublesome people linger, so that I may be a blessing in their lives as well as in mine. Remove any inkling of anger, resentment, jealousy, or ill-feelings that have taken hold of me. Amen

Minister Neecy

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You Are Beautiful


You are beautiful,  wonderful and highly favored…..believe it and receive it.

If somebody close to you is on a mission to tear you down, you need only take them to the Lord in prayer.

“Remember His promise….He said I’ll be with you always.”

Also, it really doesn’t matter what other people think of you; what matters is what you think of yourself.

If you have a relationship with God, you know you are not a mistake nor are you a blundering fool.

Your short-comings can become fuel for success if you put God in the driver’s seat.  “Even precious stones have flaws, but those flaws enhance their beauty, because of Who created them!”

Minister Neecy

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A Prayer For Clarity In Life


Keep God with you everywhere you go, and when you get there give Him the glory.

There is no good place you can get too without God by your side. While Satan would have you believe otherwise, you should know he is a liar.

In times when things seem too good to be true or irresistible, ‘regardless of the consequences’ believe me, God is a not part of that!

“The fire responsible for that flame is an enemy.” We should avoid heading in that direction at all costs.

Lord deliver me from any thoughts of evil, and Father God, protect my mind, body and soul from Satan’s destructive hold, flaming hands and scortching tongue. Give me armour!

And thank you Lord, for never leaving me alone. I know I don’t thank You as often as I should, yet You still refuse to treat me as my sins deserve. My Lord, I am forever in your debt, truly humbled and in awe of your infinite graciousness.

Also Lord, please forgive me for acting as if I deserve even more. Sadly your child can be quite selfish at times.

However, in reality, “if I lived another thousand  years, I could never repay you for all you’ve done.”

So today I want to close by thanking You Jesus, for teaching me in the most loving and caring way, that I can never do anything worthy of mention in absence of your favor. Amen

Minister Neecy 

Minister Neecy

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In time every one of us experiences deep loss, it’s a fact of life. In my opinion holidays are the most painful. They are such a profound reminder of missing loved one’s. Today I’m reminded of how things used to be,  before God took people I love from me.

However,  the Lord is reminding me “I can’t have my cake and eat it too, like trying to stay here and go back too.”

I can’t believe it’s 2015, nor that so many people I love aren’t here to see it.

“It just feels like they should be here.”

I’m sorry God for feeling some-kinda-way today, about losses you had already destined to be. I know we know neither the time or place for a reason, but today, I’m really struggling as I attempt to embrace Your infinite wisdom.

Today’s message is dedicated to anybody whose lost somebody(s) they loved more than life. Amen

Minister Neecy

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But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.  Isaiah 40 : 31

There is no better feeling than waking up renewed. Most of us go through dry spells in life. These are times when there seems to be no water to quench our thirsts. Spiritual dehydration does much harm to the heart and soul. Sometimes you end up too weak to fight. But, you don’t have to stay in the drought. God always gives us a way out. And not only that, “he gives us multiple options depending on our spiritual status.” The most phenomenal opportunity is when God becomes the wind beneath your wings, empowering you to fly like an eagle!

But the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle so that she might fly from the serpent into the wilderness, to the place where she is to be nourished for a time, and times, and half a time.  Revelation 12:14

Many years ago a very wise person told me: “no matter how old or educated you get, you can still learn something new, if you pay attention.”Sunday in church, I learned about the life of an eagle and it’s biblical significance  …..OMG! Long story short, I learned eagles never fly in packs, they fly solo. Also, they fly above the storm.

I want to fly like an eagle

“They catch their young before they fall, and they can fly a few hours, before having to land somewhere. God gave them wings of steel, unparalleled confidence and the ability to navigate above storms.”


So, when you hear God’s directive, commanding you to mount up your wings and fly like an eagle; even if you have to go it alone, do it, don’t be afraid! If you wait for somebody to encourage you, you may never take off.Unfortunately, there will be people in your life who would rather clip your wings than see you soar. Yes, sometimes you have to pick up the cross and walk alone! “If you wanna fly like an eagle, you have to let those chickens go!” What God has for you is for you!

Minister Neecy

Missing You Day


In time everyone of us experiences deep loss, it’s a fact of life. In my opinion holidays are the most painful. They are such a profound reminder of missing loved one’s. Today I’m reminded of how things used to be,  before God took people I love from me.

However,  the Lord is reminding me “I can’t have my cake and eat it too, like trying to stay here and go back too.”

I can’t believe it’s 2015, nor that so many people I love aren’t here to see it.

“It just feels like they should be here.”

I’m sorry God for feeling some kind of way today, about losses you had already destined to be. I know we know neither the time or place for a reason, but today, I’m really struggling as I attempt to embrace Your infinite wisdom.

Today’s message is dedicated to anybody whose lost somebody(s) they loved more than life. Amen

Minister Neecy

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A day will come when you realize much of what you thought was important in life really wasn’t. Needless to say, that’s not a good feeling.

Are you there yet?

The good thing; if you believe in God and are highly favored, this revelation will show itself while you still have time to redirect your words, thoughts and deeds, to carry out those things the Lord deems important.

The evil one commits himself to roaming the earth, every second of the day, looking for hostages. He doesn’t need to take possession of the physical, just the heart and mind. Those of you in the midst of trying to redirect your life’s direction are prime candidates for takeover, because you have one foot in the world and the other in the Word. “I shouldn’t have to tell you that’s a recipe for disaster! ”

In other words, because you didn’t choose one side or the other, you’re luke warm to the Lord. God can only use, guide, help and direct you if you’re on fire for Him. “Don’t be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Trust me, standing on shaky ground is not where you want to be with God.

Nobody in their right mind wants to spend a lifetime doing things that don’t matter, nor have relevancy. The time is now, to look back over your life and make changes while you still can.

Have a blessed day

Minister Neecy

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The Secret To Never Getting Bored

It’s Monday! Some people are running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Other people are just cruzin, keeping themselves busy or necessary. And then there are those people who seem to be lost in space. They say they’re bored, don’t have enough to do or nothing to do; they even wish this day would hurry up and pass.

Could the reason be that Jesus was so busy helping others, He didn’t have time to get bored? Considering the number of spiritual, emotional and lifestyle casualties the world breeds, how does a Christian find time to be bored?

I haven’t worked in a year and a half, but I can’t say that I’ve had one boring day. Every night I go to bed there’s something else on my mind, that still needs to be done, and not just for me.

“I’ve learned the secret to never being bored; think about doing something for somebody other than yourself.”

Have a wonderful day and never allow yourself to become bored.

Minister Neecy

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