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And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. Romans 1:28

If it feels like your dreams are never gonna come true, and no matter how long you sleep on them, they end in nightmares; God needs you to wake up and search your body, mind and soul for spiritual imperfections. From head to toe!

Once you’ve completed this task, it time to ask yourself, “do I like what I see and if I were Jesus, would I be pleased with me?” Loving a life of sin is a sure sign   reprobation is taking control of your life.
You love it if, you don’t feel compelled to change it, are eager to build on it and not embarassed to live that way.

The good news is, before God leaves anybody to themselves or classifies their mind as reprobate, He gives harsh vivid warnings. A reprobate mind is one God has rejected, because it’s owner is corrupt and his or her works are worthless in His sight. That simply means God is not Head in that life.

“However, prayer changes things!”

You know when your walk is on shakey ground, and you definitely know if you don’t care that you’re headed down a road of damnation. It’s not too late to turn this thing around.

Ask God to give you a clean heart and rescue you from the only possible fate of those who surrender to a reprobate mind.

“Lord help me control my tongue, thoughts and actions, every minute of the day. Forgive me for losing my temper, worshipping money, things and people, subjecting myself to people who don’t have my best interest in mind and for falling short when I need a whole lot of patience.”  Amen

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“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. Peace I leave with you: my peace I give you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.’  John 14:27

No matter how bad your days going, believe me it could be worse. Don’t think so? Read the news. Minutes ago I read a news article online, by AP, Associated Press. It went like this:

12 dead in Paris attack,  gunmen escaped. The article written by Jamey Keaten and Lori Hinnant describes three masked gunmen storming into offices of a Paris newspaper company today, killing 12 innocent people.

I bet you every one of those killed left home assuming they would return. Jesus Christ! “We live in such a sick world and the sad part, it’s only gonna get sicker!”

Scores of Americans are asking questions like, “what kind of people murder for no reason at all?’ No doubt some of these same people don’t have a mirror in front of their face, because if they did “they could answer this particular question simply by looking in it.” Simply put, what you allow you accept and eventually endorse. America is not without it’s own spots. Actually while praying for Paris, I’m praying for America too!

For the purpose of this post though, and if you’re reading this post, today was not my or your time to go. Hopefully you can still find it in your heart to believe God really is good, regardless of Satan’s ability to seek, kill and destroy. He’s never had to search too far either. But you, just look at what God’s done for you. Today Satan couldn’t get to you, nor could death. Yet each one of us must die someday. My heart goes out to those 12 people killed in this senseless attack, yet I know it’s not over! Tragedies of this size will only end when Jesus returns. Let not your heart be troubled.

You are still here and for a reason, if I might add. So, as you carry out your day, refrain from worrying about tomorrow, there’s nothing you can do about what it’s destined to bring. What you can do is get down on your knees and start praying like today was your last day on earth. In other words, pray like there is no tomorrow!

Contrary to what your eyes would have you see, the real picture is really not that pretty. To see what God’s trying to show you, you have to take off Satan’s rose-colored glasses. Do that and you’ll see for yourself the world is not at all the way God intended it to be. “Here is where the problem lies, God will not be mocked!

But you, you still have time to be all God wants you to be. Be blessed!


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